Coronavirus: Stop putting our posties in danger or we'll have to stop deliveries - NZ Post

New Zealand Post is pleading with Kiwis to stick to physical distancing rules as it carries out an essential service during the coronavirus lockdown period.

The mail carrier says New Zealanders have been trying to make physical contact with posties and couriers in the 48 hours since the country went into lockdown, instead of practising self-isolation.

And while it appreciates Kiwis wanting to show their appreciation to delivery people with a handshake or pat on the back, it's asking that the country follows the Prime Minister's plea to stick to the rules.

"Please, do not make any physical contact of any kind with your courier or postie," chief executive David Walsh says.

"Whilst we greatly appreciate the intent, NZ Post asks all members of the public to strictly respect the two-metre bubble rule for our delivery people."

Walsh says NZ Post staff's health and safety is his top priority, "and if this is compromised, our delivery service of essential items to New Zealanders' homes will not be able to continue".

But while physical displays of appreciation are off the cards, Walsh says there are alternatives.

"We do encourage you to call out your thanks and words of encouragement to our people as they are out and about continuing to keep New Zealand running,” he says.

Physical distancing and self-isolation are measures implemented by the Government in an effort to restrict the transmission of COVID-19, which is primarily spread through the transfer of droplets as a result of close contact.

Currently, New Zealand has 368 confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus. No one has died of the disease, but one patient is in intensive care.