Coronavirus: Stranded German family gifted home moved by New Zealand's kindness during lockdown

A German couple stranded in New Zealand in a campervan with their baby say they've been overwhelmed by the generosity of New Zealanders who've offered to help them in the last 24 hours.

The couple are desperate to return to Frankfurt in Germany, but every flight they tried to get on was full or cancelled.

However now they have some good news: a home to stay in at no cost, thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger.

What a difference a day made for the Syndikus family: out of their campervan and into a warm home - safe and dry.

Newshub found the family stranded at Coes Ford campground on the banks of the Selwyn River, south of Christchurch.

They had no power, just a Portaloo and seven-month-old baby Alexander. 

After the story aired, by 7pm on Sunday four people had turned up at the campground offering them a place to stay.

Newshub also received multiple generous offers of accommodation for the family - including one from a nurse in Christchurch.

The nurse's home will be empty because on Monday she headed to the West Coast to backfill for her 21 self-isolating colleagues at Grey Base Hospital.

The offer the family accepted was from a local man who had a spare house in the city

"He even had a baby bed for him," Andy Syndikus marvelled.

"We have a shower, a microwave, we have warm water, we have a bath, we have power - so everything is much better."

The property owner told Newshub the house belonged to his late mother, who was always helping people - and it was a way of carrying on her work.

"It was really amazing. It's really gorgeous how the people here are," Syndikus said.

Eighteen-thousand kilometres from home - the Syndikus family are overwhelmed by New Zealand's generosity.