Coronavirus: Wellington students band together to support self-isolators

Victoria University students in Wellington are banding together to support self-isolators in need of a helping hand, offering their support to the elderly or the city's most vulnerable amid the country's COVID-19 outbreak.

"We're on the ground, out in the community, seeing how we can be the most help to our neighbours... we're getting students ready to support those who need it," Student Volunteer Army representative and Wellington City Councillor Tamatha Paul told The AM Show on Friday.

"Being in self-isolation can be pretty disempowering for people - whether it's not being able to do your weekly errands, or just being alone and you're grandkids and family can't visit you... we're trying to bridge that gap.

"We're going to make sure students can go and check-in and look after their neighbours. We are following all the health and safety guidelines, of course - we don't want to cause more harm."

The initiative, which involves checking in with neighbours and running errands for the elderly, has caught the attention of around 500 students willing to do their part. 

If you're in need of a helping hand, the team are taking requests via the Wellington Student Volunteer Army ( or the Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association. Hyperlink email at 

Watch the video above.