COVID-19: Tourist to be deported due to lack of self-isolation plan

A foreign backpacker is likely to be deported from New Zealand because officials were unconvinced she had plans to self-isolate.

Officials spoke to the woman at the Rucksacker hostel in Christchurch on Tuesday morning, where she had checked in on Monday.

The woman will become one of the first foreigners to be kicked out of the country for flouting the Government's new self-isolation protocol.

As of 1am on Monday, all those who enter the country from overseas are required to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.

After backpackers who arrived in New Zealand in the hours after the cut-off told The AM Show they planned to travel the country as normal, the Prime Minister announced officials would clamp down on those caught flouting the rules by fining and deporting them.

The woman joins two individuals from southeast Asia, who on Tuesday afternoon were found to have failed to comply with self-isolation requirements.

Immigration New Zealand said the behaviour of those who failed to self-isolate was "completely irresponsible and will not be tolerated".

"The travel restrictions and requirements to self-isolate are in place for a good reason and will help save lives by reducing the spread of coronavirus," said Stephen Vaughan, compliance and verification general manager.

"It is important that all travellers to New Zealand abide with those requirements."