Duncan Garner: Weak, cowardly bullies need to pull their heads in

OPINION: I make no apologies for firmly directing this message to the bullies, at a deeply personal level.

Bullies are weak, and bullies are cowards.

They're actually scared too and bullies are covering up what is really going on in their life.

I was bullied horrifically at intermediate school by two people who told me months in advance that they were going to get me when I showed up. 

And they did.

I never told Mum and Dad. 

But I was so scared at one point I peed my pants because it overwhelmed my thoughts. I was put in a headlock and walked two kilometres home, bent over, stumbling on the concrete, protecting my face in case this guy punched me at the same time. 

My school work suffered, I hated being there.

Then I got glandular fever, and I tell you, I was the happiest person in history to get the disease.

I had to stay home for a term. "Get well soon," said Mum. I promise you I won't. 

My bedroom became my safe place.

Then I stupidly went to college the following year. An all-boys school. And then the tables turned. 

I became a bully and picked on a couple of guys.

One for being quiet and one because his voice was breaking. 

Chris, I am truly sorry for how I must have made you feel, and also to you Glen, I was a dick. 

My apology is as genuine as it is far too late. 

But after being on both sides of this, can I urge the bullies to pull their heads in and find a purpose in life. Just know that your brutal selfish and callous approach might just force a kid to self-harm and even attempt to take their own life.

You want that on your head? I'm serious.

If a kid looks different to you, acts different, so what.

Get over yourself and stop the persecution. 

And to the schools, step up zero tolerance.

If a kid persists in bullying, show them the door.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.