Elderly missing out on groceries during online stampede

A stampede for online groceries is often leaving the elderly unable to get their shopping delivered.

Despite official advice for everyone over 70 to stay home, some are now being forced to chance it and head instore.

Shoppers snaked around at a Countdown carpark, patiently waiting to pick up the essentials. Even the elderly - those deemed to be high risk.

As a result, some people are teaching their parents how to use online shopping.

"It's very difficult for them to cope with the stress of trying to get groceries and being told that they have to stay inside because they're the most vulnerable in society," Chris Forster says.

Forster taught his parents, who are in their 80s, how to shop online, but they can't wait the three weeks it will take to get their goods.

"They're doing without bread and things like that," he says.

One chain is now prioritising online orders for those most at risk.

Countdown won't say how many people have taken up this option or how long their wait is. But says it's doing everything it can during these difficult circumstances, and if people can shop in-store, they should.

Meaning some will continue their usual routine and others have neighbours to help out - many hands trying to make light work to feed those most vulnerable.