Emergency services getting coronavirus protective gear on job

With little activity on the streets, our emergency services could be more important than ever.

Car crashes still need paramedics on the scene and fires still need to be put out - but those attending need to stay protected against COVID-19.

There was a two-car crash in central Wellington on Saturday afternoon. While firefighters were quickly on scene they were taking precautions wearing face masks on the job.

"They've received advice from their organisations about how they might need to operate differently in certain situations where they're going into the community," Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management Sarah Stuart Black says.

That advice is to be prepared. Our emergency services taking extra care during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"If they have to enter an address where the virus may be present or any other time that they think it's a risk then they'll be putting their gear on," says New Zealand Police Inspector Mark Fergus.

That gear includes masks, gloves, goggles, hand-sanitisers and coveralls - part of a personal protective equipment (PPE) pack issued to every officer.

"There's no need to be wearing masks while moving around the community and able to maintain a two-metre gap and good hygiene practices," Inspt Fergus says.

Even though the country is in lockdown, there's plenty to keep our emergency services busy.

State Highway 1 heading into Wellington was closed for most of the day after a truck crashed on an off-ramp.

And strong winds overnight brought down a tree on to two parked cars in Haitaitai.

To make things worse Georgia Carroll and Olivia Hill are both registered nurses.

"The windscreen's intact, I've still got both wing mirrors which is good," Hill says.

"It'll probably be a few scratches on top but I think it's come out pretty lightly."

"I had to call up and called straight away and it just sounded like the most fake excuse not to go to work," Carroll adds.

Not that any PPE gear would protect some cars.