Gore District Council charged after three-year-old drowns in wastewater pond

Police attend a crime scene in Gore.
Police attend a crime scene in Gore. Photo credit: Newshub

The Gore District Council has been charged after a three-year-old drowned in a wastewater pond in 2019.

Lachlan Paul Graham Jones went missing from his Salford Street home on February 23 last year and a search found his body in the water near his home.

The wastewater pond was at the end of Grasslands Road which runs off Salford Street.

The district council was charged under sections 37(1), and 48, 1 and 2(C) of the Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015.

A spokesperson for WorkSafe said they have completed their investigation which was launched after the incident.

The day after its launch, council chief executive Stephen Parry announced they had installed extra fencing and higher gates to the ponds where the investigations were occurring, Stuff reported.

It was assumed the child had been able to enter the property from the gate area, and in November the council began installing permanent fencing which was estimated to cost $65,000.

Parry said he is unable to comment further at this stage as the case is currently before the courts. 

The council could be fined up to $1.5 million if convicted.