Jeanette Fitzsimons remembered for her dedication to the environment

Tributes are pouring in for former Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons who has died.

Fitzsimons was a founding co-leader of the party and made history in 1999 with a historic win for the Greens when she became the first - and to this day the only - Green MP to win an electorate seat.

On Thursday night she died at the age of 75 after a fall. She is now being remembered for her absolute dedication to the environment.

Fitzsimon's husband Harry Parke says: "She was from my point of view an absolutely beautiful person, both to look at and her contribution to society."

"She was a deeply caring passionate person about the planet."

Current Green Party Leader Marama Davidson says "she lived this life of fighting for a better world to the very end of it".

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark told Newshub she remembers Fitzsimon's drive to make a change.

"I guess she showed you don't have to be aggressive to get your points across and get some real policy gains for your country."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern agreed she wasn't an aggressive person.

"She was there to make a difference. She wasn't there for the cut and thrust. She wasn't there for the barbs in Parliament. She always stuck to not only her environmental values but a way of working that I really respected."

And in 2010 Fitzsimons left Parliament convinced she could do more for her cause outside of the Beehive.

At the time she said: "I have sat here for 13 years weeping at the tragedy of some many people wasting the precious gift of life chasing the mirage of a bigger GDP."

She threw herself into fighting to end coal use and even attempted to get arrested in her pursuit of environmental justice.

Parke said: "Nobody would arrest her. That was a great disappointment to her."