March 15 anniversary: Man makes 'inappropriate' comments outside Wellington mosque, becomes aggressive and gets arrested

A man has been arrested by police after he allegedly made "inappropriate" comments outside a Wellington mosque, on the first anniversary of the Christchurch shooting.

Police said about 11:25am on Sunday, officers present at Kilbirnie mosque saw the man making comments "inappropriate in the context of the day".

A police spokeswoman told Newshub the comments upset those present at the mosque, including children.

The man was then asked to move on by police before he became aggressive.

"Police arrested the 30-year-old man and he is currently being spoken with," the spokeswoman told Newshub.

One year ago to the day, 51 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at two Christchurch mosques.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the country has grown and changed since the attack.

"I had New Zealanders telling me that they had visited a mosque for the first time," she told reporters in Christchurch on Friday.

On Saturday, Race Relations Commissioner Meng Food told Newshub Nation the number of complaints his office has received since the attack has been consistent with previous years.

"There's around about 5000 complaints regarding racial discrimination, and there's a few hundred in Islamophobia, and so it's been fairly consistent."