Mark Richardson dobs in hitchhiker during COVID-19 lockdown

Mark Richardson rang the Police's non-emergency number to dob in a hitchhiker flouting New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Richardson told his The AM Show co-hosts he saw the hitchhiker on an Auckland road while driving to work at 4:30am.

"I was driving up to work this morning, for my essential job, and right in the middle of the road was a lady standing right in the middle of the road hitchhiking," he said.

Richardson said it wasn't okay to flout the lockdown rules so he called the 105 non-emergency police number to report the incident.

Duncan Garner said he did the right thing by not stopping because it would have broken their pods.

Amanda Gillies questioned whether Richardson should have pulled over to make sure the hitchhiker wasn't in trouble.

But Richardson said she didn't appear to need help.

"I would die if she was in distress and needed help but she wasn't trying to wave me down, she just casually had her thumb out," he said.

Police are now asking for New Zealanders to use an online form to report incidents of people breaching the COVID-19 lockdown rules to ease the lock on the non-emergency number.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Facebook video post on Sunday if people are worried about others breaking the rules, the best way to let police know is by filling out the form.

"In two days, we had over 2000 calls to 111 of people who just wanted to report that people weren't following the rules. What we want to make sure is that we don't use 111 for that because we want to be able to use that for critical call-outs," Ardern said.

"The police have created a place where online you can report if you're aware of anyone who's breaching the rules of alert level 4, whether it's a business that's open that shouldn't be, or if someone just isn't following self-isolation."

The form can be found at