Mother of mosque attack victim watched gunman's video to help her grief

The mother of one of the victims has taken an unusual step to help her grief - she has watched the gunman's video.

And it revealed her son died a hero.

Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower met Janna Ezat on the night of March 15.

It was so confronting. Ezat was a mum desperate to find her son Hussein. She never did. Hussein Al-Umari was one of the 51 killed.

One year on and every painful second of March 15 remains unforgettable.

"I remember every single second. Not minutes. Seconds. And it will always stay in my mind," Ezat says.

To help deal with it, she has taken an unconventional step - she watched the gunman's video in a way that did not breach the ban by the Chief Censor. 

"Yeah, I did watch it. Heaps of times," she says.

Hussein Al-Umari can be seen confronting the killer - with people cowering behind him.

"Hussein behaved heroically," she says.

"When I saw the video, he was confronting the killer. He made me feel proud of him.

"He died immediately, so the bullets came to his chest and everywhere in his head. So for me - he didn't suffer.

"So it is good for me to know that he died immediately, rather than suffering and suffering."

She is a world-class ambidextrous calligrapher - one of her previously prepared works is on his grave.

But she has only been able to do one thing since his death.

"I did only his name - Hussein Al-Umari," she says. "I had it done in gold, this is the only calligraphy I have done since his death."

And Hussein's father Hazim has used today's coronavirus fears as a comparison with white supremacy.

"It is equivalent to coronavirus. It started from somewhere and will spread in no time everywhere - unless you tackle it," he says.

March 15 - always with us.