Real estate agent tormented by forgotten open home sign during lockdown

The open home occurred weeks ago in Auckland but the sign remained.
The open home occurred weeks ago in Auckland but the sign remained. Photo credit: Getty

An Auckland real estate agent is being tormented by an open home sign she accidentally left outside a house before the COVID-19 lockdown.

After she forgot to remove it, a photo of one of the woman's open home signs was posted online claiming she was flouting Government rules.

The woman has been contacted and 'hassled' by multiple strangers as a result of the photo.

"They put it on Facebook and now I've had two, three people, even policemen come to my house to ask if I was working," she says.

"They are calling me and asking me why I'm doing open homes and I say 'no I'm not doing any open homes, how stupid!'"

The woman says two policemen visited her and she felt bad for wasting their time, especially during the pandemic when they are especially needed.

She says the incident has caused her "quite a bit of mental stress" and the first thing she would do once the lockdown is over is to see her grandchildren, not have an open home.

She now wants to find where the sign was left so she can pick it up.

"Sometimes these kinds of things happen but two ladies called me so I asked them whereabouts [the sign is] and they said I don't know, they saw it on Facebook...

"I told her please send a photo, I want to know exactly so I can try to find my way around and go and pick it up. I don't want so many people questioning me about my open homes."

She says the incident shows people should ask questions and get the facts right first before sharing information on social media. 

"This is a time we need to all be kind to each other, to support each other, it's a tough time for us all."