Taranaki: Cash, drugs, property seized by police in New Plymouth

Meth. Photo credit: Getty

An investigation into the proceeds from illegal drugs in the Taranaki area has been successful for police, with officers seizing a property worth roughly $90,000 last week.

A 32-year-old New Plymouth man has been arrested and charged with possession for supply of methamphetamine alongside other drug-related charges.

Last week, the Police Asset Recovery Unit restrained cash and assets linked to the man under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009, including a late model vehicle.

In a statement released on Monday, police confirmed roughly $38,000 worth of methamphetamine - approximately 94 grams - was seized. Unspecified amounts of cash and cannabis were also restrained, alongside drug paraphernalia which could have been used in the manufacturing of meth. 

Police began working on an operation targeting the sale and supply of methamphetamine in September 2019. Since then, search warrants have been executed at four properties in Taranaki.

The man has made a clear profit from the criminal activity, the investigation found.

"Even in the current unique environment, police, including the Asset Recovery Unit, will continue to target criminals involved in crime, including the sale of illicit drugs," Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Alex Macdonald said in the statement.

"We are well aware that vulnerable people will continue to be exploited by those trying to profit by spreading harm in our communities, even during such extraordinary times as this.

"We want to be very clear that Police will continue to hold these people to account and the Asset Recovery Unit will work to ensure they do not profit."

The man is next due to appear in New Plymouth District Court on April 29.