The Warehouse limits high demand items

The Warehouse has implemented new policies to deal with the effects of coronavirus.
The Warehouse has implemented new policies to deal with the effects of coronavirus. Photo credit: Getty

The Warehouse CEO has announced the company is limiting some items from this week amid coronavirus panic buying.

CEO Pejman Okhovat announced the changes in an email to customers at 12:30pm on Friday where he said they were seeing a very high demand for some items and wanted to have enough stock for all customers.

"As demand for cleaning products, household items, pantry stocks and more remains high, we’re sending more products to our stores as quickly as possible. 

"Just this week, we started to limit the number of some key items per purchase, which will help ensure ample, available stocks for all customers."

A spokesperson for The Warehouse confirmed which items would be restricted. They include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap and face masks, which are all limited to five per customer.

Recently supermarkets around Australia and New Zealand have bought out of essential items from customers panic buying in an attempt to stock up for if coronavirus worsens.

One of the main shortages has been toilet paper which has impacted the elderly and families who are having to travel further to find the in-demand item.

Okhovat also wrote The Warehouse will be implementing a cleaning plan to ensure the stores limit the spread of COVID-19 through surface interaction.

"To make sure we can keep on serving you to the standard you love and expect, we have put in place an updated cleaning and sanitising plan for our stores to ensure they’re cleaned more frequently and with extra care," he said.

The plan will involve additional cleaning to high-frequency touchpoints including trolley and basket handles and handrails.