Three people arrested for breaching coronavirus lockdown

Three people have been arrested for "persistent breaches" of New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown rules over the last few days, it has been revealed.

Two of the three have now been released without charge, Police Commissioner Mike Bush told media in a press conference on Monday afternoon. The other remains in custody because he has other "outstanding matters in front of him".

The three had been "out and about", and were warned that their behaviour was against the law.

Commissioner Bush says some tourists continue to flout self-isolation rules despite clear messages from the Government and other sources.

"Tourists must know that they cannot drive around the country from destination to destination," he said.

"I appeal to those tourists: stay where you are. That's the rules... If there are persistent, repeated breaches, we'll take action against [you]."

Commissioner Bush says those breaking the rules are an exception, and that "the vast majority" of New Zealanders have been compliant with the lockdown protocol.

However he acknowledges that the lockdown protocol may be changed if people push it too far.

"I drove past Oriental Parade last night and it did surprise me how many people were out and about," he said.

"Yes it's within the rules, but I observed many people who weren't keeping their social distance. Some were in their bubble, but it was obvious some weren't.

"If people aren't complying, we might have to re-think this."

But Commissioner Bush says most Kiwis have shown dedication to the lockdown rules - and are also "very passionate that others comply".

He said since launching an online facility at 1pm on Sunday, there have been 4200 reports of people believing others weren't complying.

Of these, about 1000 relate to businesses and the rest to people.

Earlier in the press conference, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield revealed New Zealand had 76 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 589.