Two members of New Zealand Police test positive for COVID-19

Two members of the New Zealand Police have tested positive for COVID-19.

Police commissioner Mike Bush confirmed the test results at a press conference on Monday, saying the two staff members are taking "every precaution" against the virus. 

"They are at home, not hospitalised, and we're supporting them," said Bush.

He confirmed the two cases were "very separate" to each other and he did not think it was a new "cluster" outbreak within the police.

One of the cases was contracted locally and Bush said he did not have details on the second case - but did not believe it was linked to overseas travel. 

He said the positive cases had highlighted the need for an action plan within the police force. 

"We're always very concerned about our staff - ever since this [the virus] kicked off, we've been working on building a contingency, so we've got a contingency plan in place."

Bush says the police are looking at how other countries are responding to the pandemic to inform their own response.

"We're even looking as far as what's happening inside the NYPD and taking learnings from other organisations."

New Zealand has 589 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19.