Watch: Wellington students dance, sing 'YMCA' in windows amid COVID-19 lockdown

Kiwis stuck in their homes have followed Italy's lead by singing and dancing in their windows during the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown. 

Last week the Government put New Zealand into alert level 4, meaning people can only leave their house for essential trips or essential work. 

But this hasn't stopped students in Wellington's Massey University hall of residents celebrating a staff member's birthday by dancing along to YMCA by The Village People. 

A video of the celebration was posted to popular Facebook group Vic Deals and has amassed more than 6000 views and 700 comments. 

In the video, two people are seen dancing in the street while people inside the apartments above dance along.

Residence life coordinator Louis Davis told Newshub they always celebrated birthdays and didn't want to let the lockdown stop them, but had to make some adaptations. 

"[A staff member] was DJing his own birthday with half on the other side of the road and half watching on zoom."

"We celebrate all our RA team birthdays. We are all here still working to support our residents staying behind on site." 

Davis said the video has been shared thousands of times and has more than 1.4 million views on Tik Tok. 

But he says it was just meant to bring some joy during the lockdown. 

"Just bringing some laughter to our community of Wellington on Vic Deals is the coolest thing."

Facebook users responded to the video with amusement. One person said they hoped "lots of apartment complexes do this". 

Another said, "Finally some wholesome content! This is awesome". 

Kiwis aren't the only ones singing during lockdown. Earlier in the month videos of Italians singing from their balconies got worldwide attention. 

People shared videos of themselves on their balconies or leaning from windows and singing pop songs and the national anthem. 

Italy has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic with 11,591, deaths and the total number of infections surpassing 100,000.  

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