ANZAC Day: Residents of Auckland retirement village share memories of wartime as Kiwis prepare to commemorate in lockdown

There won't be the usual dawn services to commemorate ANZAC Day on Saturday, so many Kiwis are commemorating the day in their way.

That includes the residents of Settlers Lifestyle Village on Auckland's North Shore, who have shared their memories of wartime, recession, and how to remain strong in these unprecedented times.

"So many people gave their lives, as a result of that I'm here today," resident Len Woodward reflects. "I feel fortunate I've never had to go to war."

Another resident, 83-year-old Kingsley Nichols, served in both the Royal and Royal New Zealand Navy.

"I lived in north London as a boy," he told The Project. "[I] can remember the bombers and fighters."

Watch the video above.