Bored Wellingtonian creates double decker bike

Lockdown is affecting everyone differently. Some people are baking, some have taken up jogging but one Wellington man has used his extra time to finish off an old project - a massive bike.

Dylan Snapper Smith posted a video of his newest creation to community Facebook page Vic Deals where it received hundreds of likes. 

The video shows him riding his franken-bike crafted from extra parts. The bike is similar to a penny-farthing but more modern, with both wheels the same size and a second bicycle frame welded on top of the first. 

He says the inspiration for the bike came from an unfinished idea.

"It was started a couple of years ago for one of the bike light parades along the waterfront but it was never finished as I ran out of time," he told Newshub.

"Now I have all the time!"

He says the project took a couple of days and "a lot" of spare bike parts he had lying around. 

Smith says the bike won't be ridden much during the lockdown, but once life starts to go back to normal he'll start to pick it up.

"It will probably sit around until summer or a nice day then I'll probably ride it more," he said.