Coronavirus: Arts sector in for boost with Creative New Zealand funding applications open

Applications will now be accepted.
Applications will now be accepted. Photo credit: Getty.

Kiwis in New Zealand's art sector can begin applying for funding provided through an emergency Creative New Zealand package.

Applications opened on Tuesday for funding from the $16 million Emergency Response Package which aims to assist artists with "new and refocused creative projects in a changed landscape" and bolster a sector hit hard by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding will be distributed through to the end of June. There are two types of grants available for artists. The Arts Continuity Grant will support the creation of new work or the reframing of an existing project in light of COVID-19, while the Emergency Relief Grant will help those who may be "experiencing devastating loss of income and opportunity" and have applied for Government support.

There's also short-term relief available for investment clients to stabilise their businesses. 

Creative New Zealand spokesperson Cath Cardiff told Newshub the future is uncertain, but there is a silver lining in the current situation. 

"I think this situation, which in many aspects is terrible, also drives innovation. People are already thinking of new ways to connect with audiences and distribute work," Cardiff said.

"I think [artists] are very resilient from a creative point of view, but I don't think they are resilient from a financial point of view because the margin for any arts activity in New Zealand is incredibly small even if [there's] subsidy and patronage and sponsorship.

"Generating the amount that is required to keep people paid and in employment in a real way is very difficult in a country the size of New Zealand."

To ensure the arts community is aware of the funding package, Creative New Zealand will join with the Performing Arts Network of NZ (PANNZ) and Auckland Live for a Q&A session on their Youtube and Facebook page on Wednesday at 11am.

There will also be three drop-in Zoom sessions held this week tailored towards the Maori community, the Pacific arts community and investment clients. 

Full information can be found here.