Coronavirus: How to handle confrontation with COVID-19 lockdown breachers

It's not usually in Kiwis' nature to dob each other in but since COVID-19 arrived and decimated the usual way of life, it seems people are getting more comfortable reporting rule breakers.

Police have received hundreds of complaints of level 3 breaches in one day - but when it comes to face to face confrontation, Kiwis' may find it harder to cope.

Luckily there are ways to ask people around you to respect the rules without coming off as rude - and according to mental wellbeing coach Wade Jackson it's easier than people may think.

Jackson told The Project on Thursday that asking someone to respect your bubble while you're at the shops doesn't have to be a big deal.

"Our brain anticipates confrontation, so we go right to worst-case scenario," he said.

"So either you psych yourself out and then you get too anxious to say anything to them, or you build it up in your head and end up coming in way too hot, then a confrontation manifests itself." 

He says the best way to approach a lockdown rule breaker is to come in positively by smiling - a positive interaction will sweeten the deal.

"Smile and just say, 'Excuse me, in order for us both to be safe could you please follow the two-metre distance rule?'"

He says if the roles are reversed, and someone is asking you to step back it's important to understand they're coming from a place of worry over their safety. 

"So maybe if they come in too hot and they're a little aggressive, pay attention to their intention not their poor delivery."

Watch the full interview above.