Coronavirus: Isolated grandparent speaks on life during COVID-19 lockdown

'Stay home, save lives' was a good enough reason for Allison Oosterman to stick to lockdown protocol and self-isolate for the safety of herself and others, the retired grandmother says. 

Oosterman spoke to The AM Show on Wednesday morning about life in lockdown for a grandparent. Although she has been taking her Government-sanctioned daily walks and made one trip to the local dairy, Oosterman has remained at home as per level 4 protocol for over-70s.

"We did have a really good purpose, which I thought guided me - stay home, save lives. I thought that was a really good purpose," Oosterman said.

She says her daughter has been her designated grocery shopper and she gets to speak to her frequently from a safe two-metre distance. Oosterman has also maintained regular contact with her four young grandchildren. 

"I've been extremely good," she said.

Watch the video above.