Coronavirus: Marist Girls' College principal on being in charge of a school while having COVID-19

It's been a nightmare four weeks for the students, staff, and parents of Marist Girls' College in Auckland.

The school's COVID-19 cluster currently sits at 92 cases, but the good news is 79 of those have recovered.

It's unknown how the virus got into the school, and its spread put the spotlight on testing criteria in New Zealand. After the college was deemed a cluster, calls were made for all New Zealanders showing symptoms to be eligible for a test.

Late last month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced exactly that - criteria was widened so "anyone" with symptoms of the virus could be tested.

One of those from Marist College who tested positive for COVID-19 was principal Raechelle Taulu. She has since recovered, and says she's now focused on helping her school reopen.

"I think when I found out I was sick, it was on the Wednesday after the school had closed, and like everybody that finds out, I'll be really honest - I was scared," she told Newshub Nation on Saturday.

"What I do know is I probably felt the same way as all of our families felt when they found out. It's the fear of [the] unknown."

While the cases at Marist were in the public eye very early on, Taulu said there had been an immense amount of support given to students and staff behind closed doors.

"I think it's difficult because we've involved children and these are our young and most impressionable, and it's our duty to look after them," she said. "I take my hats off to our young women. They are strong and they are resilient."

Looking ahead to the future, Taulu told Newshub Nation the school will reopen soon - but slowly. The Government has been providing them with as much advice as any other school in New Zealand, she said.

Taulu said she'll have a message for her students when they eventually return.

"I'm going to be so happy to say that they are really the reason why we all turn up to work every day. It is why we have a career in teaching.

"The first thing I'm going to congratulate them. I could not be prouder."