Coronavirus: New Zealand's cases 'flattening off', Ministry of Health says COVID-19 'may well' have peaked

New Zealand's COVID-19 cases are flattening off and "may well" have peaked, according to the country's top health official.

On Saturday, a further 82 cases were confirmed by Director-General Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield, taking the country's total to 950.

"What we have seen over the last four or five days is effectively a flattening of the number of new cases," Dr Bloomfield told reporters.

"Over the last two or three days we've had a much higher level of testing - so we haven't seen a whole lot more cases.

"The test positivity rate has dropped."

In total, 127 people in New Zealand confirmed to have COVID-19 have now recovered.

"It may well be [that] it's [COVID-19] peaking now because we're seeing it's flattening off," Dr Bloomfield said.

"What we're really looking for is the number of cases each day starts to drop.

"We're increasingly confident that these lockdown measures are working and the reason we went early and harder than most countries - was because not only did we think that was best for protecting the health and safety of New Zealanders but because that was the best form of protecting the economic impact as well."

Of New Zealand's COVID-19 cases, there remains only 1 percent confirmed community transmission but 17 percent are under investigation.

Dr Bloomfield said 2264 tests, on average, are being undertaken per day. On Friday, 3631 tests were undertaken.

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