Coronavirus: Whanganui man to spend one month behind bars for repeated lockdown breaches

A Whanganui man has been jailed for one month for repeated breaches of the lockdown.

Police say the 38-year old was verbally warned on five separate occasions about the alert level 4 restrictions, and was then found a sixth time some distance from his home.

He had no valid reason for being on the road and was subsequently arrested, police said.

Central District Commander Supt Chris de Wattingnar says officers remain out in force monitoring people's activity and will have no tolerance for those who break the rules.

"Our first step has been to educate people on the rules, but if people continue to break them as in this case, police can use their discretion to warn people, or if necessary arrest them.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster.
Police Commissioner Andrew Coster. Photo credit: The AM Show/Getty

"We are still at alert level 4, which means people should not be on our roads unless they are accessing essential services or delivering essential services."

Earlier this month, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster threatened increased enforcement of people breaking lockdown rules.

As of Tuesday, 64 people were facing prosecution for flouting level 4 protocols.

"It's still the vast majority of people doing the right thing," Cmmr Coster told The AM Show.

"People know the rules and there really is no excuse for breaking them.

"We need to follow through to get the result - that requires everyone to do the right thing here," he said on Tuesday.