Fury after rubbish dumped at Auckland cemetery during lockdown

We've seen dumping outside charity shops during lockdown - but the latest target is somewhere more sacred.

Auckland's Birkenhead-Glenfield Cemetery has fallen victim and for one city councillor trying to stamp out the problem it's become personal.

Discarded chairs, a lawnmower, shoes and televisions. They're a jarring sight at a resting place where people gather to be near their loved ones - including Auckland Councillor Richard Hills.

On the same day his sister gave birth, no less.

"It was right in front of my grandparents' graves," he says.

"So to see my grandparents disrespected like that on the same day was a bit upsetting for my family.

"But others who will have family members at this cemetery will be thinking what kind of person just comes and dumps it?"

And now it's a problem for essential workers.

"The waste team are doing amazing work under tough conditions while everyone else is in lockdown," Hills says.

"So this kind of thing adds to putting themselves at risk to do this work and keep our community clean."

Everything but the kitchen sink is being dumped in other parts of the city too. Goods that may have otherwise been able to be onsold at op shops are exposed to wet weather and rotting.

Despite pleas from the Auckland Council and charity shops, people continue to illegally dump their goods daily, rather than hold on to them and go through official channels.

"We have the free inorganics that will come back after lockdown and also it doesn't cost a huge amount to take to the dump like everyone else does," Hills says.

Actions that will avoid situations like this, so no one - not even those who can't speak up - have to put up with it.