Man stopped by Auckland police after livestreaming his shoplifting

Man stopped by Auckland police after livestreaming his shoplifting
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The coronavirus pandemic isn’t bringing out the best in everyone, leading to the term 'covidiot' for those breaking the law and behaving stupidly.

One Kiwi man seems determined to live up to the title as he was stopped by police after allegedly filming himself shoplifting from an Auckland supermarket.

A post on social media explains what happened at the New Lynn New World on April 4.

"Today's absolute moron award: Guy gets stopped to have his bag searched, refuses, has a raging argument, abuse, threats of violence, storms out with the groceries from the trolley, gets tailed by security and gets arrested by the police, who were nearby due to lockdown," the poster, who wants to remain anonymous, says.

"Reason he was searched? He was livestreaming himself stealing."

According to the poster, one of the livestream viewers had called the store to say "he's stealing batteries from your store".

The report was confirmed by police, who told Newshub they attended the incident.

"Police were called to reports of a theft at a shop on Crown Lynn Place, New Lynn, about 9:30pm on April 4 where a man allegedly stole batteries from a store before fleeing," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

"Police then stopped the man in his vehicle and the matter was resolved. The man later paid for the items allegedly stolen." 

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