Northland pharmacist says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her facts wrong over supply of flu vaccines

A Whangarei pharmacist says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has her facts wrong after she claimed there were no issues with the supply of flu vaccine.

"There's been huge issues and they're not improving at all," Angela Heswall told Newshub on Thursday.

Heswall's comments follow Ardern's Wednesday press conference where she flatly denied there were any problems with the supply of flu vaccines. 

Her denial came after medical professionals told the Epidemic Response Committee that the vaccination programme was a "debacle". When confronted with this information, Ardern said she disagreed. 

"We wanted to be prepared and we have more flu vaccines than we would normally offer as well, so I disagree with that assessment of the flu vaccine. We know we moved early.

"It's not finished, I should add. That will be a rolling campaign."

Heswall says she listened to the Prime Minister disagree with frontline health professionals about flu vaccinations and could not believe her ears. 

"I was flabbergasted to hear [Ardern] say there isn't a problem - there obviously is so she's either not admitting it or she's ill informed but there is clearly a problem so Jacinda you've got it wrong in this case,"she told Newshub.

Heswall says while the supply may be there, the distribution is "terrible". Orders are being cancelled with no explanation or warning and placing new orders takes multiple phone calls. 

"Something has to improve because it's terrible as it is," she said.

Heswall says she may have to turn people away if the system doesn't change fast.

"When [the pharmacy]  opens to the public I am fully booked for days on end. Then come Friday I will be out of stock. What am I supposed to do?"