Opinion: We will be out of this in 16 days so don't act like David Clark and the Crusaders players who flouted lockdown rules

OPINION: I have a target for you.

It's a silly little number that usually would mean absolutely jack.

But today the number is 16. Sixteen is your beacon of hope and without hope, we have nothing.

So to make you feel better, in 16 days we are due and I believe likely to step down to alert level 3 - but only if we get this right now or we may have to stay longer.

Sure, the economy will be on its knees, our borders will be closed and I'm not sure anyone in power has a clue what to do next.

But you need to know you are making a difference for your country.

In fact, think of it this way, your actions or lack of action may have saved a life already.

I believe we are winning. The cases have remained stable for several days. 

Fingers crossed we have peaked and are on the big decline. Well done. 

But did you notice people get slack yesterday? To the Crusaders who trained together - poor look lads.

Which part of lockdown sounds like scrum down? Our under 10s team is chomping at the bit to train but can't.

So to Richie Mo'unga and the boys, you've got to set a better example than that.

And then to David Clark - which is suddenly a whole lot more serious. He drove 20 kilometres from his home to a beach, for a walk.

He offered his resignation but the Prime Minister said no.

But the number that has totally blown me away is 876,000 - that's how many workers are on the wage subsidy. It's almost half the workforce and it's climbing.

Add in those on the dole already and we have one million people effectively on the benefit. Another 600,000 are pulling taxpayer-funded pensions.

Half the country is on welfare. So, to the Ministry of Social Development, well done.

At short notice you had this thing nailed - $5.2 billion dolled out and still hitting the phones at 8pm on Monday night I heard from someone in the office - they were ringing with a solution for his son.

Good work.

But sadly all the usual checks and balances have had to go by the wayside because this relies on people being honest.

In fact, I heard of some fellas who applied for it out of hope knowing they probably didn't qualify but the money went in on Monday. 

Shame on your sorry backsides. It's an honesty box system - and it has to be - because of the speed and size of the operation.

So don't be a dick.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.