Pukekohe residents hit out at lines and litter from fast food Tuesday

Pukekohe residents lining up for fast food for lunch on Tuesday might have been stuck having it for dinner after a resident captured the "next level" lines of cars waiting to get their fix.

Essential worker Doug Bullock was on his way to work at 12:45pm when he videoed the line as locals went to get their first McDonald's since the month-long lockdown ended on Monday night.

"There was a lot more traffic on the roads on this day rather than the lockdown period," he said.

"I saw a lot of people outside coffee shops, so out of curiosity, I went to drive past the other fast food outlets. 

"KFC was still closed at this time. McDonald's however I saw that parts of the car park had been taped off, I guess to divert traffic.

"Then I saw a number of cars parked in a strange way like they were leaving the car park. I soon worked out that they were actually waiting to go into the drive-through at Maccas!"

He said the cars were blocking parts of the road and there was only just enough room for other cars to drive past.

"These are quite extraordinary times. I thought it was bizarre when people were stocking up on toilet paper, but this is next level!"

But some Pukekohe residents have slammed people who have been leaving their fast food rubbish in the area calling them "lazy" and "disgusting".

On the Franklin Grapevine Facebook group, one person posted photos of McDonald's food bags, chips cartons and drinks holders which had been left on a lookout from Cape Hill.

"I saw the same thing this morning!" one commenter wrote.

"It was strewn all over the shelter and partly on the hill… For weeks we have been walking up there, clean as anything then Level 3 came along and you get some dumb idiot to go and spoil it just because they gorged themselves so much from McD's."

Another person wrote: "I guess this is what is meant by some by getting the economy going. Argh, please keep our lovely part of the Whenua tidy".

Other social media users shared photos of fast-food rubbish around the country including overflowing bins in New Plymouth and rubbish on the ground in Greenlane, Auckland.

Hundreds of people have been queuing outside fast food stores after their doors opened for the first time in over a month.

"Crazy" lines have been found outside McDonald's outlets in Taupō and Gisbourne, KFC in central Auckland and local takeaway shops have also been stressed keeping up with orders, and making sure they don't run out of stock.

But some stores have struggled to keep up with demand, including Toby's Fish and Chip shop in Otahuhu, Auckland which opened at midnight.

Police had to be called in to close the store as customers failed to adhere to social distancing measures and crowded around the entrance as they waited for their meals.