Wellington man builds dystopian bucket fountain sculpture during lockdown

Wellington man builds dystopian bucket fountain sculpture during lockdown
Photo credit: Thomas Vieregg / Facebook

A Wellington man has put his time in lockdown to good use by designing an incredible dystopian sculpture of the infamous Cuba Street Bucket Fountain.

After posting images of his artwork to the Vic Deals Facebook page, where they gained over 1700 reactions, Thomas Vieregg spoke to Newshub about his creation.

"I just have a fascination for the slightly rundown aesthetic, the idea of the impermanence in society and how you can draw beauty out of it," he says.

"I look at rundown places where people have moved out or businesses have closed and I can see how they can look good."

The sculpture measures 20cm by 20cm at the base and is around 43cm high.

"I got aluminium rods for the frame and a lot of bog, the buckets are made of bog, it's all on the inside of the fountain," he tells Newshub.

"Then I did some foraging. I had to find some bark and some leaves and I've cultivated my own rust."

Vieregg estimates it's taken him around 100 hours to complete so far.

"I'm not that good - I don't have a pattern down so I had to learn a bit along the way," he says.

"Probably I'm looking at another two or three days - I've run out of yellow spray paint."

Fortunately he's been offered some paint to finish it off from viewers impressed with his work.

Once it's done, Vieregg says he's open to taking offers for the piece in order to be able to create others.

"I hope to make more and have an exhibition at some stage if I get around to it."