Coronavirus: One new case of COVID-19 reported

The latest testing has uncovered one new case of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health said on Friday.

It's the first new case in five days.

"The case is linked to the St Margaret's cluster in Auckland and is a household contact of an earlier case," the ministry said.

"Because of their connection to the earlier case, the person has been in isolation since the beginning of level 4."

The person is in their 50s.

The number of confirmed and probable cases is now 1504. The number of recovered patients is up three to 1455, 97 percent of all known cases. The total number of confirmed cases is 1154. 

There are 28 people left in New Zealand with a known active infection, only one of which is in hospital.

The death toll remains at 21. 

To date, 250,246 tests have been done.

The ministry said the new case is "another example of the 'long tail' of COVID-19 and why ongoing vigilance is so important". Nearly 300,000 people have downloaded the Government's new COVID-19 tracer app.

"We continue to encourage as many people as possible to download the app - it will help us identify, trace, test and isolate any cases of COVID-19. The faster we can do these steps the less likely it is the virus can spread in our communities," the ministry app." 

"It is also really important that businesses are going through the steps to get their unique QR code that people can use to record having been there. We have now recorded 10,692 QR codes generated by businesses... The personal information you share with us is held for public health purposes only and will never be used for enforcement."