Coronavirus poll: Have you dobbed anyone in for breaking the level 3 rules?

  • 02/05/2020

While Kiwis have for the most part complied with the restrictions in place under alert level 3, there have been some questionable scenes across the country this week.

When alert level 4 lockdown ended earlier this week, many New Zealanders rushed to their local takeaways for their first meal in weeks that wasn't home-cooked. That led to large numbers of people waiting around outside stores, with many people unable to appropriately distance themselves from others.

According to the Finance Minister, as of Friday morning there had been 2101 reports from members of the public at level 3, 991 of which were about businesses and 785 were about individuals. He said 325 were about mass gatherings.

"I want to make it clear that most New Zealanders are indeed doing the right thing and that this is actually reflected in the number of people calling out those who are doing the wrong thing," Grant Robertson said.

He called on people to cancel any plans for parties this week and said police would be taking a "dim view" of any such activity. 

Have you dobbed anyone in for breaking the level 3 rules?

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