Coronavirus: 'Show some trust in your population' - Mark Richardson lambasts alert level 2 funeral restrictions

The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson is backing calls for a lift on funeral restrictions during alert level 2, calling them "disgraceful".

Funeral Directors Association president Gary Taylor earlier appeared on the show to discuss the industry's frustration at the news services will only be restricted to 10 people under alert level 2.

The industry was "shocked and disappointed" at the announcement, he explained.

Richardson said the restrictions showed a total lack of trust.

"This funeral thing - it's disgraceful," he said. "If you said to people, 'You can go and farewell your loved one, a large group can turn up [but] please adhere to social distancing', the funeral directors will make sure that exists.

"Honestly, come on, show some trust in your population."

Host Duncan Garner agreed.

"People would rather have no hugging at a funeral as long as they can have the funeral - I'm sure they would," he said.

Earlier, Taylor said he felt the industry had been looked upon as a "small and insignificant" group.

"Between this lockdown period we're likely to have had between 6000 and 7000 families affected by restrictions," he said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the point of a funeral was to grieve together.

"That's why you see that consistency of treatment between, for instance, a wedding and funerals because those are times when we come together to be together closely," she told The AM Show on Tuesday.

"Keep in mind - we hope this won't be long."