Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes northwest of Levin

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake northwest of Levin has been felt throughout New Zealand.

It struck just before 7:55am. GeoNet described the shaking as strong.

"So far the earthquake has been followed by 19 aftershocks ranging in size from M4 to M2," GeoNet said in a statement.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was speaking to The AM Show live from Parliament when the quake struck.

Ardern had just started her chat when the Beehive was shaken by the quake, which was 34 kilometres deep.

Train services have been suspended across Wellington while tracks are inspected. It's unclear when the work will be finished.

Wellington Airport says the runway was checked immediately after the quake and no issues have been detected.

People as far south as Dunedin have reported feeling the quake with many across the country saying it rattled their homes.

Civil Defence says there's no threat of a tsunami to New Zealand.

Children will still attend Kapiti and Paraparaumu primary schools on Monday with no damage reported at either.

A spokesperson for Levin's Reevedon Home and Retirement Village said residents were shaken but also reported no damage.

The Horowhenua District Council said on Facebook roading and water supply networks are being inspected.

"Please contact us if you have any issues to report.

"If you need emergency assistance, please dial 111.

"We will provide further updates when we have more information."

Finance Minister Grant Roberston said there was a "big long rumble" leading up to the quake.

"Hope all [is] ok up the line in the Levin area," Robertson wrote on Twitter.

Nearly 40,000 people reported feeling the quake.

"What happens with deeper earthquakes is they tend to actually be quite widely felt," GeoNet seismologist John Ristau told Newshub. "Shallow earthquakes are felt very strongly but very close to the epicentre."