Opinion: Jacinda Ardern needs to do something to ease New Zealand's post-COVID pain - Ryan Bridge

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern needs to watch Newshub and start doing something about the pain and suffering caused by COVID's lockdown restrictions.

Last night on the news was heartbreaking - first the guy who lost his job, scared now of losing his home.

Then Nick Andreef from Waitomo Adventures, having to lay off his staff, having to lay off his mates.

It's hard to watch - and it should be for the Prime Minister as well.

We need to do something about this.

Firstly, we should be far more open to letting foreign students into this country.

We keep talking about a bubble with Australia - it's time for the Prime Minister to name a team and give us a deadline for updates on making that happen.

Otherwise, it's just words.

And when it comes to the best time to go to level 1, Winston Peters puts it best: "Yesterday".

So now the health issue is dealt with, we know we can contact trace at pace. We know the virus is not transmitting in the community. We've had no cases outside of clusters in ages.

So c'mon, Jacinda. These cautious steps could help ease the pain this country is feeling.

Mates firing mates - and grown men crying on national TV.

Ryan Bridge is the host of The AM Show.