Petition for new 'Get Out Of Town Day' public holiday post-COVID-19

Now that we know what domestic travel will look like under alert level 2 and Kiwis can travel inter-regionally, The Project has come up with an idea to support local tourism.

The proposal is a new public holiday called 'Get Out Of Town Day', or GOOT Day, so New Zealanders can have an extra day to explore the country and help boost the tourism industry when the country moves to level 2. 

The Project co-host Jeremy Corbett came up with the idea and hopes it will give Kiwis something to be excited for.

"After six weeks of confinement in our homes streaming TV, tolerating our loved ones and baking, New Zealand needs something more, something to look forward to. 

"New Zealand, it's time for a new public holiday. For this year only, in that yawning holiday gap between Queen's Birthday and Labour Day… I propose for tourism to get back on its feet."

He suggests - if the public holiday becomes legal - Kiwis take the chance to visit new areas and support businesses.

The Project has started a petition to make GOOT Day a public holiday. You can sign it here.