Police hear Kiwis' excuses for parties after 50 level 3 breaches in 24 hours

Police have been out on party patrol across Auckland as neighbours dob in anyone suspected of breaching the level 3 lockdown rules.

Newshub went out on a patrol with the police - and heard all the excuses.

A three-year-old's birthday party with 50 people and an early celebration of level 2. These were some of the reasons people had for large gatherings in breach of the lockdown.

On the weekend, a lot of bubbles were celebrating what they hoped was their last Saturday night of level 3, and this led to a lot of police call-outs for breaches.

"Since the introduction of alert level 3 restrictions and up to 6pm 9 May, police have taken enforcement action on 1051 occasions in relation to breaches of either the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act or the Health Act," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

"Of these 1051 breaches there have been 253 prosecutions, 723 warnings and 75 youth referrals.

"Of the 1051 breaches 50 occurred in the 24 hours from 6pm 8 May to 6pm 9 May."

The call to one house came after a neighbour became sceptical of the constant flow of visitors.

"Someone had knocked on the informant's door looking for females and looking for this address and the person of that house believes this place is a brothel," a police officer told Newshub.

The party was over at another Glenn Innes house after the host, John, was caught twice in one night breaching the lockdown rules.

"It was just the lads and everyone turned up," he explained.

But even after that party has been broken up you could hear loud music and another party happening just a few metres away.