Tenant evicted from Te Aroha flat threatens to kick landlord down the stairs, set fire to truck

Neighbours said they did not feel safe living near the woman.
Neighbours said they did not feel safe living near the woman. Photo credit: Getty

An unruly tenant has been evicted from her flat after threatening to kick her landlord down the stairs and set fire to her truck.

The woman moved into the Te Aroha flat on January 29 and by March 3 was issued a 42 day termination notice.

According to a Tenancy Tribunal decision the woman's repeated anti-social behaviour became too much.

Her neighbours reported loud music and abusive language coming from the flat - in one instance the woman got into a fight with an elderly neighbour who complained about the noise.

In another clash the woman and a friend of hers got into a fight with a third person where a baseball bat was drawn. 

When she was given her termination notice the woman became enraged and threatened to hit her landlord in the face, push her down the stairs and blow up their truck. 

She was told to leave the unit by midnight May 5 and pay the landlord $1,140.44.

Neighbours had continuously complained to police about the woman's behaviour saying she was breaching level 4 lockdown rules, disturbing the peace and they did not feel safe in their homes because of her behaviour.

Tribunal adjudicator J Smith said that her and her visitors' behaviour caused significant distress and nuisance to the landlords, their other tenants, and people living in the neighbourhood.