Christchurch mosque attack: Muslim community divided over release of interview with shooter Brenton Tarrant

The Muslim community is divided over whether an interview with the man convicted of killing 51 people in their community should be made public.

The Royal Commission into the Christchurch massacre interviewed gunman Brenton Tarrant as part of its efforts to give the public answers about the tragic shooting, which occurred on March 15, 2019.

Some in the community believe it's important to hear what he said, others don't want to hear from him again.

Nadeem Khan lost his brother-in-law and nephew during the shooting, and he has no interest in learning more about the man or his reasons behind committing the mass killing.

"We are not interested in him anymore, what he has done is done."

Khan instead wants the focus on how he wasn't caught and slipped through the cracks.

"Everybody knows what he has done and how he has done it. We should be focussing on how to prevent such an incident again."

But leader of the Islamic Women's Council of New Zealand Anjum Rahman wants the shooter's interview released in its entirety.

"It's important information for us to know what was asked of the killer, what his responses were and how we can understand better why and how he did what he did."

Aya Al-Umari lost her brother Hussein at Al Noor Mosque, and she trusts the commissioners to make the right decision and include some or all of the interview if it helps achieve its objectives.

"Not so much verbatim as to what had happened in that particular interview, but as long as the terms of reference are fulfilled then that's what is really important to me."

Khan says the widows close to him are all making good progress at recovering from the deadly day, but hearing from the gunman will further pry open their wounds.

"They are moving in a good direction but if this thing comes up, it will impact their recovery process."

The Royal Commission isn't commenting on the situation.

The report is due to be completed at the end of next month.