Coronavirus: No new COVID-19 cases in New Zealand for 13th day in a row

There are no new cases of coronavirus in New Zealand for the 13th successive day, the Director-General of Health has revealed.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield made the announcement in a press conference from Wellington's National Library Auditorium on Thursday afternoon.

Only one active case of coronavirus remains in the country, Dr Bloomfield said.

The lack of new cases means the total number of Kiwis infected by COVID-19 remains at 1504 - 1154 of which are confirmed, and 350 probable.

There are also no new deaths to report, and no one is receiving hospital-level care.

There were 2649 coronavirus tests processed on Wednesday, Dr Bloomfield said - taking New Zealand's total of completed tests to 286,174.

New Zealand 'the envy of many countries' - Dr Bloomfield

Dr Bloomfield said while things were looking rosy in New Zealand, it's not the case for the rest of the world.

"It's easy for us in our very privileged situation here in the country to forget what is happening internationally," Dr Bloomfield said.

"It's important to recognise that the highest number of cases reported to the WHO (World Health Organization) since the pandemic started, in any one day, was just three days ago."

That figure, recorded on June 1, saw 124,139 new cases reported to the WHO from around the world.

"In total, countries have recorded nearly 6.3 million cases of COVID-19, and internationally there have been around - unfortunately - 380,000 COVID-19 deaths reported to the WHO," Dr Bloomfield continued.

"New Zealand is in a position that is the envy of many countries internationally - and that is due to the hard work and sacrifice of many Kiwis."

Given the worrying health crisis still raging on overseas, however, the Director-General of Health warns Kiwis against complacency.

"We are still very early in the evolution of this pandemic globally. There are still big gaps in our knowledge," he continued. "If we want to stay in the good position where we are now, we cannot afford to act as though it is all over.

"In New Zealand we need to remain vigilant to the threat the virus poses. Even though we are looking at a possible move to alert level 1, pending a Cabinet decision, this is not life as we knew before.

"We need to make some things our new normal, in particular staying at home if unwell, hand hygiene, meticulous sneezing and coughing into your elbow, and keeping a diary of where you've been."