COVID-19: Timeline of New Zealand's two new cases

Tuesday's two COVID-19 cases travelled to New Zealand from the United Kingdom. The two women also travelled from Auckland to Wellington.

Sunday June 7 - The women, one in her 30s and the other in her 40s, arrived in New Zealand from the United Kingdom after transiting through Brisbane. Upon arrival they stayed at Novotel Ellerslie in Auckland - a managed isolation hotel.

Friday June 12 - The pair applied for compassionate exemption to travel to Wellington. Their family member died later that evening.

Saturday June 13 - The women were allowed to travel to Wellington in a private vehicle under compassionate grounds.

They had no contact with anyone else during the drive down and used no public facilities. 

The pair were in contact with one relative in Wellington.

Before they were tested one woman had mild symptoms, but believed these were from a pre-existing health condition.

Monday June 15 - Both women were tested in Wellington. 

Tuesday June 16 - Both COVID-19 tests were announced as positive.

The women and the one family member have entered self-isolation in Wellington.

People who had close contact with the women at the Novotel Ellerslie, including staff, are being tested and followed-up by the national Ministry of Health close-contact service.