Driver caught on dashcam driving wrong way on Auckland motorway

A person has been caught-on-camera driving the wrong way and "speeding" down an Auckland motorway.

Seyha Phou captured the dashcam footage on Sunday afternoon while driving from Auckland Airport towards Mangere on George Bolt Memorial Drive.

An overhead motorway sign warns drivers there's an oncoming car that's driving the wrong way, saying: "Extreme danger. Wrong way driver. Slow down now."

Police confirmed it attempted to stop a "vehicle of interest" in Mangere at 1:45pm and a pursuit began after the car didn't stop. Officers stopped chasing the car when it did a U-turn and started driving in the wrong direction.

The car was later spiked on Puhinui Rd and all four people inside tried to flee the scene, but they were found nearby and taken into custody.

Phou told Newshub he was surprised to see the white car driving on the wrong side.

"I was so shocked that I did an emergency brake and moved to the right to allow him to pass.

"He was speeding but he slowed down a little bit when he saw three cars coming towards him."

The other two cars pull over into the motorway's hard shoulder to let the car drive past.

According to the location showing where the footage began and the distance to the nearest motorway exit, the car could've driven the wrong way for a least 2 kilometres. But since it's currently unknown how long they were driving on the wrong side for, this distance could be much longer.

Phou has a message he'd like to give the driver: "[They're a] complete idiot and dangerous driver."