Duncan Garner: Hamilton's narrow-minded leaders should grow up, help Auckland amid water crisis

OPINION: Auckland's up poo-creek without a paddle, and without much water.

So, this is an urgent memo to the country - our biggest city is going nowhere fast.

The country's economic powerhouse is in deep deep trouble.

It has a water crisis because decades and decades of local body twits, goons and buffoons, both elected and otherwise, forgot to plan properly when it came to water.

The dams are less than half full and come summer we will face severe water restrictions. 

What's worse: industry could face forced closures and tens of thousands of jobs might go on the line if a solution isn't found.

Yes, Auckland's population has exploded past one point 5 million. Yes, immigrants have come in growing numbers, and yes, climate change has changed the game. But none of that should be a surprise.

So Mayor Phil Goff has rushed to Wellington to ask if they can take even more water from the Waikato River under COVID-19 emergency legislation. 

Good try Phil.

But I don't blame him really. 

Because here's what's wrong with New Zealand. 

Auckland has waited seven years to have its application to take more water heard by Waikato Regional Council. 

Seven years.

There are still 105 applications ahead of Auckland City.

Hamilton, your civic leaders look narrow minded and unhelpful. 

Rather than help out a brother in their time of need you have resorted to petty parochial politics, name calling, and a lecture from the moral high ground you apparently inhabit at the Waikato Regional Council. 

And Tainui is in the background blocking it, saying sort out who owns the water first.

Well the last Government said no one owns the water and that hasn't changed yet.

So come on Hamilton, be a real Chief, and help out Auckland, which has a case of the blues right now.

Drop your cow-bell, ding dong, narrow-minded approach, grow up and do something for your country. 


Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.