Duncan Garner: Waikato River Authority's 10c-per-litre proposal is offensive and outrageous

OPINION: I think some of the Waikato's political leaders should seriously hang their heads in shame this morning, with an offensive proposal to make hoards of money from Auckland's water crisis.

I don't include the Hamilton City Council in this - they have made it clear they want to help.

But the Waikato River Authority wants to charge Aucklanders up the wazoo for taking a bit more of that dirty Waikato River and turning it into water for Aucklanders to use. For heaven's sake, the water is running out to sea anyway.

Now, the River Authority is the joint that Crown and iwi voices set up to act and speak for the river. Its chief executive Bob Penter has revealed if Auckland wants 25 million litres extra per day, it can pay 10c a litre for the privilege - or $2.5 million a day.

Outrageous isn't it? What a cheek.

Lose the bravado, drop the egos and help a brother out.

We are all guardians of our rivers and mountains, and we are here for a mere millisecond. Hamiltonians should be ashamed of these people who are deliberately blocking progress for Auckland.

Now I know Auckland has stuffed up, and perhaps Auckland needs new water leadership - but right now, they just need a drink.

I think Waikato should be ashamed of this River Authority, who are deliberately mischief-making.

Maybe we should go further up the creek and ask another iwi or another authority until we find some friendly faces who can help.

Imagine if we in Auckland boycotted Hamilton and drove around it every time, and refused to spend money in your city. Unhelpful, isn't it?

Grow up and be useful.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.