IPCA, Police to investigate after Auckland tagger hospitalised in arrest

Police and the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) have confirmed they will be conducting a formal review into the hospitalisation of a man on Sunday night.

Twenty-six-year-old Nikau Andrews was arrested after midnight on Sunday in central Auckland's Hopetoun Street after he was found tagging a wall.

Auckland District Commander Superintendent Karyn Malthus says Andrews attempted to flee before putting up a fight.

"In the course of trying to make an arrest, the man violently resisted and it took several officers to restrain him, one of whom sustained minor injuries."

But Andrews told Newshub he didn't run and the violence was aimed at him.

"I got spear tackled into the wall, got dragged on the ground and [they] just started [to] ground and pound [me], like [I was] getting punched and stuff."

He says his injuries prove it.

"I've got lacerations here. My sternum - I've torn my sternum. I've got air bubbles all within my neck."

A video of the incident posted to Twitter shows onlookers pleading for the police officers to get off Andrews, saying he was bleeding after being kneed in the head.

Later in the video, it seems an officer is holding Andrews in a headlock while three more hold him down.

Andrews was taken to the police station and after complaining of chest pains he was transported to Auckland City Hospital by ambulance.

Police say they acted in an "appropriate and professional manner" - prioritising the 26-year-old's health over keeping him in custody.

But Andrews says this is "absolutely not" true.

"All they had to do was say 'give me your hands. We're putting you in cuffs and taking you to the station'."

The IPCA is the country's official Police oversight body which deals with complaints about Police.

By law the IPCA is also informed of incidents where Police cause death or serious injury.

The IPCA website says they are involved in the formal review conducted by Police.

"When a complaint is referred to the Police for investigation, we take steps to ensure the investigation is properly undertaken. This normally means actively overseeing and reviewing it when it's completed."

The IPCA confirmed on Friday they have received complaint notification of the incident.