New Zealand makes global headlines for beating COVID-19

As New Zealand prepares to remove almost all its COVID-19 restrictions on Tuesday, the rest of the world is also celebrating its success at containing the virus. 

After 17 days of no cases and no remaining active cases, from midnight on Monday Kiwis will no longer have to distance themselves physically from others. 

There will be no limits on gathering numbers, night clubs can open and bars will no longer have to have a single server

However the border restrictions will remain - only New Zealand citizens or permanent residents are allowed in, and all who enter must stay in managed isolation for a fortnight. 

News of New Zealand's success quickly spread across the world with a Daily Mail headline proclaiming "New Zealand ERADICATES coronavirus COVID-19".

"New Zealand's crushing of the virus has shifted debate firmly towards the nature of the restrictions, including social distancing, gathering size caps, and limits on the operations of some businesses, particularly in tourism and hospitality," wrote the Daily Mail.

HindustanTimes called the announcement "stunning" and The Mirror credited New Zealand's team of five million.

"The country of five million people has pursued an elimination strategy to beat coronavirus, rather than just aiming to contain the disease."

Throughout the pandemic New Zealand and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have been praised in global media for the way the outbreak was handled.

An editorial in the New York Times said Ardern's leadership was a "masterclass" and US actress Whoopi Goldberg called her a "voice of reason who has taken decisive action".

Even notoriously cantankerous British TV host Piers Morgan praised Ardern, saying he "wished" the UK had a leader like her.