Public wedding party held at Auckland quarantine hotel

A public wedding party was held in the exercise room of a quarantine hotel - and the guests had no idea.

The ballroom at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland is used during the day for its quarantined guests that may have COVID-19 to exercise in. 

Pictures obtained by Newshub show a man running around it and children playing together.

But on Saturday the ballroom was closed - and rented out to a 25th wedding anniversary party.

Pictures show a large group dancing arm-in-arm and having lots of fun.

One of the party's organisers said they were aware the hotel was used for quarantine - but not that the ballroom was their exercise area. He believed they should have been told.

One of those in quarantine told Newshub that allowing the party in the exercise room was "a recipe for another cluster".

Repeated attempts to get a response from the Ministry of Health and the All of Government COVID-19 response have been ignored.