Rolleston Courier Post driver caught flinging package on to doorstep

A Canterbury Courier Post driver was caught-on-camera throwing a parcel onto a Rolleston resident's doorstep.

A Reddit user uploaded the video with the caption "Flick o' the Wrist Couriers: The Rolleston Chapter". The video shows the driver walking up to the front door with the parcel and tossing it towards the door. He then turns around and walks back to his van.

Commenters on the post criticised New Zealand Post, with one person saying "that's what happens when you treat your workers like shit - they start acting like shit".

"These people are underpaid and treated badly. I don't expect an ounce of enthusiasm from them," another person wrote.

"That's the flick of a man who has given up on life," a third commenter says.

An NZ Post spokesperson told Newshub the video is disheartening. 

"This is disappointing and doesn't meet the high service standards that we pride ourselves on," they said.

"We are addressing this with the individual and will continue to support our people to continue to meet service standards."